Will Winter Weather Affect My Mechanical Bull?

November 1, 2018

Winter weather can put a damper on entertaining, especially if you plan an outdoor event. Let’s look at some common weather concerns during the winter season and what you can do about them when planning your event.

Christmas ornament on snow against blurred lights background


Light rain won’t have a major impact on your mechanical bull rental as long as the bull is located under a tent. When you rent a mechanical bull from us, we will provide tents, generators, music, and, of course, people to operate the ride. There’s no need to scramble for a last minute tent set up; we’ve got you covered.

During heavy rain the bull will need to be set up inside, as a tent may not provide enough protection, especially if there is wind present. Though they may look like the real thing, our bull and buffalo are mechanical which means that they’re pretty afraid of water!


Snow is another issue many event planners have to contend with. Flurries and softly falling snow aren’t likely to blow into a tent and cause problems, but a big snowstorm can cause a problem. Mechanical bulls can be set up indoors in the event of a major snow problem

What You Can Do

If you are planning any type of event during the winter months here in Maryland, having an indoor alternate plan is a wise idea. Weather is unpredictable so flexibility is of utmost importance. When selecting a venue you can minimize the potential for major issues by choosing one with indoor and outdoor options. Likewise, if you are worried about a light sprinkling of rain or snow, go with a venue that has tents available for use in the event of bad weather.

At Buckin Wild our goal is for your next event to be a huge success. During the winter months the weather in Maryland can be unpredictable, but we are happy to work with you and your venue on contingency plans in the event of bad weather. If you are in need of a mechanical bull rental in Frederick, MD, call us at Buckin Wild today!

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