Why Safety is Important When Riding a Mechanical Bull

May 3, 2020

Mechanical bulls are a great source of entertainment for the whole crowd at an event or gathering. Bulls can be customized to suit riders of any age or ability, making them a crowd-pleaser and a memorable activity, but there are some things to keep in mind when renting a mechanical bull. To ensure your guests are safe during their bull ride, we have safety measures in place that are essential to providing you with a fun and hazard-free attraction at your event.

mechanical bull rental safety

Let’s look at why safety is so important when riding a mechanical bull, and at what we do to ensure our customer’s safety.

Equipment is Important

Mechanical bull equipment varies greatly depending on the manufacturer and the quality. Choosing a mechanical bull that is made with high standards and certain specifications is important to ensure the bull is as safe as possible. At Buckin’ Wild, our bulls are top-quality and completely customizable. Our operators are able to control the speed and strength of the bull ride, making it possible to provide safe rides for people of all ages.

Set Up is Everything

The set up for a mechanical bull is designed to keep the rider safe. The bull is surrounded by an inflatable mattress with inflatable walls to ensure the rider lands on something soft no matter how they dismount. The adjustable bull allows the operator to customize the ride to ensure no one is thrown off too hard, but should they dismount by surprise, the inflatable surrounding the bull will protect them.

Safe Rider Rules

In addition to the precautions we take with our equipment, there are also some safe rider rules that should be followed at all times. Riders who are intoxicated should avoid riding the bull, as they may injure themselves more severely due to decreased spatial awareness and motor ability. Additionally, riders should never attempt to ride the bull with another person at the same time, as it increases the risk of injury.

Mechanical bulls are designed with the safety of a single rider in mind, so allowing two people on the bull together lowers the safety of the ride. Riders should also carefully consider what they are wearing for their bull ride. Jeans or other thick pants are ideal for preventing abrasions when riding the bull, and accessories like chunky jewelry, shoes, or belt buckles can cause a minor injury depending on how you land.

Rent a Maryland Mechanical Bull this Summer

Mechanical bulls are a safe and fun way to keep a party or event fun and exciting, but there are some precautions that need to be taken. At Buckin’ Wild, the safety of our customers is our utmost priority, so we take everything from equipment, to set-up, to rider requirements very seriously. Add us to your “must-have” list for your next event and check our website in the coming months for updates on when we will reopen!

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