Why Rent a Mechanical Bull for Your Wedding?

May 1, 2021

Let’s face it. Traditional weddings can be boring and stuffy. All those months or years of planning have turned your wedding into a flawless and extremely formal event. Why not spice things up and make your wedding memorable by renting a mechanical bull? Here are some of the top reasons why renting a mechanical bull for your wedding is worth it.

Renting a mechanical bull for your wedding

Ideal for a Themed Wedding

Everyone loves a good-themed wedding. Country-themed or western-themed weddings will love this added touch. Mechanical bulls are the perfect addition for barn venues, and guests will enjoy getting to ride it in between the barbecue and cold drinks. It may not be a horse, but it’s certainly a lot more fun and a lot less troublesome. 

Make Memories 

What can be more memorable than watching your favorite people fall off a mechanical bull? The bull is ideal for making memories and recording videos that will last a lifetime. The mechanical bull can even be used as a prop in the background of pictures. But as a warning, we are not responsible for any embarrassing pictures that are sure to come up at future gatherings!

More Entertainment

No matter how long or how short your wedding celebration is, you will need to find ways to entertain guests throughout the event. You can keep guests entertained in between the wedding service and the reception with a mechanical bull. Or, you can have it in the reception hall for all-night fun. Time will truly fly by when you have a mechanical bull at your wedding. 

Everyone Can Enjoy 

Mechanical bulls are perfect for any age group. Kids can enjoy riding while the adults socialize, and older adults can enjoy riding, too. The mechanical bulls at Buckin’ Wild are controlled by a professional, and they can slow down and speed up to fit the needs of every type of rider. You will never have to worry about someone getting injured while riding a mechanical bull at your wedding. 

Howard County Mechanical Bull Rentals

Ready to add some fun to your wedding with a mechanical bull? Buckin’ Wild has you covered. Every mechanical bull rental comes with at least two trained operators, a mechanical bull, an inflatable landing pad, and a setup/take-down crew. Contact us now to schedule your rental, and we will take care of the rest at your wedding.


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