Who Can Ride a Mechanical Bull?

February 5, 2018

Mechanical bulls are for all ages, across all backgrounds, for anyone. That’s part of what makes them so entertaining and so widely praised. Mechanical bull riding is notorious for being a fun, easy, and exciting activity that has very little restriction in regards to who can and cannot ride. However, there are still safety restrictions that are necessary in order to protect the rider.

Who Can Ride a Mechanical Bull?

First, the obvious

If you’ve ever been on a roller coaster before, you know that pregnant women are usually the first to be prohibited from riding. The jerky, quick movements can be dangerous for the mother and her baby, and the same is true for mechanical bull riding. Pregnant women should never attempt to mount a mechanical bull. While the movement of the bull is not necessarily dangerous, it can cause complications to those who have such sensitive body conditions.

Second, the less clear

If you have a broken limb, or you’re suffering from some kind of external injury, riding a mechanical bull might not be the best option for you. In fact, you could end up causing more harm to the existing injury. Such sudden movements can cause complications with casts, slings, and stitches. If you’ve recently had surgery that required stitches, the physical activity required might end up ripping them. Stay away from mechanical bull riding if you’ve recently experienced some sort of injury like a broken bone or a strained muscle.

Third, the not-so-obvious

Did you know that intense physical movement and activity can agitate any kind of illness? For example, if you’ve come down with a cold, riding a mechanical bull is probably not the best course of action. In these situations, your body needs rest, and cannot get that when it’s being tossed around by a bull! Whether it’s a cold, the flu, a stomach virus, or any other kind of physical ailment, you’ll want to steer clear of mechanical bull riding.

No age restrictions–but be smart!

Mechanical bulls are meant to be used by everyone of all ages. However, make sure that the rider is prepared to handle the physical activity required for riding a mechanical bull. It’s not necessary for someone to be outrageously physically fit, and height and weight is irrelevant. But these are aspects where self judgement comes into play. Never do anything you feel unsafe doing, even if it looks like fun! You know your limits better than anyone else. A mechanical bull ride is no fun if someone gets injured.

Do you need more information about mechanical bull rentals and riding? Call Buckin’ Wild today! We’ve got all the knowledge surrounding mechanical bulls, including safety regulations. Our trained operators will be able to make educated judgement calls, so your event will stay injury-free and completely safe. Buckin’ Wild is ready to make your event one of the most exciting parties you could imagine!

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