Which Movie has the Best Mechanical Bull Scene?

March 5, 2018

Mechanical bulls envelop our culture more than you may realize. While it might seem like a small party favor, a mechanical bull can stick with someone long after they’ve ridden one. It can even lead them to write one into their creative works, leading to some incredibly entertaining scenes. After all, did you know that mechanical bull riding doesn’t just stop at parties and work gatherings? There are entire world championships dedicated to discovering the best of the best of those who can keep their bearings on the bull. This kind of enthusiasm is often displayed in movies. Let’s explore a few of the best mechanical bull scenes in film.

Which Movie has the best Mechanical Bull Scene

Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

Interestingly enough, mechanical bull riding can often be seen as a sensual act, and is portrayed in movies as something beautiful women are prone to do in order to create a distraction. In Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, Cameron Diaz’s character rides a mechanical bull in order to draw the attention of the surrounding crowd. While she does this, her partner spy bides her time with the mission. It’s interesting that the movie chose to add a mechanical bull in the first place. Its goal was probably to find something that would appear absurd in a Mongolian gentleman’s club–if so, it succeeded. Regardless, this mechanical bull scene does the job.

Stir Crazy

In Stir Crazy, Gene Wilder’s character is portrayed to be a man who has never even seen a mechanical bull before. While the one depicted in the movie isn’t exactly what we’re familiar with nowadays, Wilder still has a difficult and humorous time trying to understand where and how he’s supposed to mount the bull. The characters who are testing him using the mechanical bull are positive that he will fall instantly. However, part of the humor of this scene is that Wilder’s character continues to flawlessly ride the bull, even when the other characters turn the dial up to make it as difficult as possible. This scene in Stir Crazy is perhaps one of the most famous mechanical bull scenes in film.

Urban Cowboy

In this movie with John Travolta and Debra Winger, we see a truly focused take on the mechanical bull experience. Instead of being in a one-off scene, the mechanical bull is used throughout the entire film and plays a central role. There are multiple scenes that include the bull, but one of the most prominent is when Winger’s character attempts to show Travolta’s character exactly how well she can ride the bull. The movie uses the same machine in different emotional scenarios to create a varied film, even when the setting is identical. Whenever you think of mechanical bulls in film, you’re probably thinking about Urban Cowboy.

And, ultimately, that’s why it wins this competition. Urban Cowboy focuses an entire movie around a mechanical bull, and features characters repeatedly reacting to its draw. It shows just how entertaining a mechanical bull can be, while also focusing on the depth and emotional strength of the characters.

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