Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

October 10, 2017

Looking for the perfect way to spruce up your wedding reception? The point of a wedding reception is to have a fantastic time with friends and family, celebrating your success and happiness. It only makes sense to make it as amazing as possible. You have a lot of options for activities that will make your wedding reception truly meaningful. Here are just a few of the many things you can do that will make your wedding reception one to remember!

Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

Rent a Food Truck

You’d be surprised at how exciting this can really be. There are a wide variety of food trucks that can cater to any reception theme, and they’re perfect at making your event that much more interesting. Give guests a wristband or hand stamp that will allow them to approach the food truck for free. It can also be used in tandem with other carnival themed activities, such as dunking booths or photo booths.

Add Your Memories

Personalize your wedding reception with plenty of memories that can add to your originality. For instance, you could line the halls with chronological pictures that will tell the story of your devotion. You could also plan a game centered around these photos, such as memory games, including guests in both the pictures and the activity. When you add guests to the mix, they can truly feel like part of the excitement, and will give everyone a sense of community.

Rent a Mechanical Bull

One of the more explosive, popular options for activities at wedding receptions would be renting a mechanical bull. If you’ve already started with the carnival theme in regards to the food truck, a mechanical bull can enhance that effect and give guests a fun way to get involved. A wedding mechanical bull rental adds that twist of interest that will keep your guests interested and excited for hours.

Wine Tasting

This will immediately draw the crowd for obvious reasons, and will even give you the opportunity to try a few new wines. This activity fits with any theme, and is the perfect way to involve guests of all ages (except those under 21!) and genders. The number of options you include is entirely up to you, and you’ll be able to personalize each wine to your liking.

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