Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas for Your Inner Child

September 15, 2015

wedding entertainment

Does the fact that you are getting married soon make you feel kind of old? You know you are not 14 anymore, but you still like a lot of the same things you enjoyed back in the days. Maybe you get caught up in nostalgia every once in a while and go on a Disney movie binge. Or maybe playing games, whether video, board or card, is something you are still involved in. Let’s face it, your inner child comes out on a daily basis, so why not stay true to yourself during your wedding day? Here are a few non-conventional entertainment ideas that will serve as fun throwbacks to some of the happiest days of your life.

Obstacle Course

When we say “obstacle course,” we mean an inflatable one. It’s similar to a bounce castle, but instead of jumping you have to complete a specific path. It may seem silly and childish, but it’s also a lot of fun, especially as you watch your tipsy friends trying to beat your time. You could build an actual obstacle course if you feel up to it, but we think that an inflatable one is a safer alternative and will be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. You could also rent a bounce castle, but make sure to choose the one fit for adults as most of them aren’t.

Game Room

If your wedding will be indoors, a game room is a good entertainment option. You can have an actual room or simply section off a portion of a larger space to place air hockey, a few arcade games, ping-pong, a popcorn machine, gaming consoles and whatever else you consider to be fun. For an extra twist, make everything glow in the dark with stickers, paint and black lights. The bride’s dress and smile are sure to light up the room!

Mechanical Bull

A mechanical bull is actually an attraction that defies age barriers. Kids and adults alike can hop on for a ride and neither will be viewed as too young or too old for it. A mechanical bull is a great entertainment option for both indoor and outdoor weddings. And if you are worried about guests hurting themselves by accident, don’t be. At Buckin’ Wild, each mechanical bull rental comes with a trained operator who will adjust the speed according to each guest’s age and condition. And if someone does fall (which is also a part of the fun) they will do so on a soft, cushioned floor.

Food Truck Party

Is the formal sit-down dinner not for you? Are words like buffet, foie gras and fillet mignon not a part of your vocabulary? Do you still consider burgers and fires the best food on the planet? Then do your 12-year-old self a favor and pick food trucks as your catering option. They are informal, delicious and they will make food a big part of your wedding’s experience. And the bonus is that you will get a wide variety of food instead of the traditional meat/fish/vegetarian choices. Plus, your guests can customize their orders even further, so everyone will be happy with their meal. Food trucks may not be the best idea for a large wedding, but for a smaller gathering they will be perfect.


Photo booths are boring. Besides, everyone has smartphones these days, so they can take plenty of pictures without your help. But what about a drawing? A primitive, exaggerated, comical drawing only a caricaturist can produce? This will be a fun twist and you can even ask your caricaturist to draw your guest as if they were kids. Or maybe walk around and sketch scenes as if in a comic book? It may have been done before, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make it unique.

Hopefully, you’ve gotten a few ideas for your own big day. Be sure to get in touch with Buckin’ Wild if you decide to go with the mechanical bull—we’ll be happy to set you up with mechanical bull rental in Maryland.

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