Tips for Running a Successful Sports Bar

July 14, 2016

Everyone enjoys a good sports bar. You get to watch the game, have a drink, and eat some greasy food. You’d think there would be a great sports bar around every corner, but they are few and far between. Many bar owners think they can tune into the game and that the fans will start pouring in. Just having the game on the television doesn’t make you a sports bar, nor will it draw a great crowd. There are a few key ingredients that can turn a dive bar into a successful sports bar in no time flat.

Location, Location, Location.

Think about who your target audience is and where you might find it. You’ll want to appeal to sports fans, college students, and then everyone else is a bonus. That’s why most sports bars are located in college towns and major cities, especially near the stadiums where sports are played. It’s also great to find a perfect location where there are no other immediate drinking holes nearby. If you can find the perfect balance of sports enthusiast, college students, and the thirsty public, you’ve got a winning spot!

The Big Game

It’s called the big game so it should be viewed on a big screen right? When you think of a sports bar, you picture so many televisions that there isn’t a bad seat in the house. And you know that if there are five games on, you’ll be able to watch them all in unison. Large, high definition TVs are an absolute necessity so if you can’t make the investment than don’t bother. A few out of date screens are going to put your sports bar right under.

The Games

Every sports bar has an array of entertaining games. When baseball gets boring or your football team is losing, you can distract yourself with pool or darts. Not only do games keep your customers entertained but quite often this can be the draw on nights when there isn’t a sporting event. Many folks love to create teams and spend a night competing themselves. If you’re looking to take your sports bar from ordinary to exciting, bring in a mechanical bull. A mechanical bull is not only fun for the rider, but also provides engaging entertainment to the rest of the crowd. You’ll find that if your sports bar has a mechanical bull you’ll be the talk of the town, you’ll draw a crowd that you might not have had before, and it’s a perfect way to get people to stay long after the game has ended.

Food for Thought

Think about the food you’ll be serving and know your customers. Most people don’t come to a sports bar to sit down and enjoy a five course meal; they want wings, burgers, and nachos. Give the people what they want, but feel free to add your own flair and spin on things. Be creative, have quality ingredients and make your food delicious and fresh. Having the best burger in town can boost business but serving a hockey puck between two burger buns can do the opposite.

Sports bars aren’t easy and there’s a lot to think about, but there is one easy decision: getting a mechanical bull for events or as a fixture. Just contact us today for a free estimate for your bar.

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