Summer BBQ Theme Ideas

July 3, 2018

Summer is here, and it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to be conducting your summer barbeques! A classic barbeque is one of the staples of this season, alongside the Fourth of July and pool parties.

How are you supposed to make your barbeque stand out among the ones your neighbors are having? The key is to think about themes! There’s more to a BBQ than grilling and hot dogs. Part of the fun is bonding and experiencing each others’ company, which is made easier by focusing on a single idea. Read on to gather some inspiration for your upcoming summer barbeque!

Summer BBQ Theme Ideas

County Fair Theme

This is a theme that’s fun for all ages, so it’s perfect for a family get-together. While you’re preparing burgers on the grill, entertain your guests with fun county fair-esque events. For instance, it’s easy to set up a stand for face painting.

Allow your most artistic family member to let loose! Or, you could rent a cotton candy machine, which is fun for all. Purchase a few prizes, and set up a soda toss game. The options are endless, but are sure to pair well with your barbeque!

Wild, Wild West Theme

Buckin’ Wild’s personal favorite theme is a wild west extravaganza. It’s the perfect way to include a Maryland mechanical bull rental with your barbeque. With this theme, you can include a few adorable touches, including fun western backdrops and themed plates and cups.

When you rent a mechanical bull from Buckin’ Wild, it’ll really bring the whole thing together. Mechanical bulls are fun for all ages, and are great ways to involve everyone in the family. This is also a perfect and universal theme for work parties, so don’t feel limited!

Movie Night Barbeque

Looking for a party that will go deep into the night? Try setting up a projector screen at your barbeque. Build up the night with a feast before sunset, roast some marshmallows around a campfire, and flick on the projector to watch your favorite movie. Be sure to set up a few mosquito-proof candles to protect yourself from those nasty critters! It’s easy to set up some blankets on the lawn for the kids. Or, if your party is strictly for adults, you can hand out some wine and enjoy the lovely summer night together.

Crab Feast Barbeque

It might not have the traditional aspects of a barbeque, but a crab feast keeps the spirit alive. Gathering together and dining on delicious, Maryland blue crabs is a staple for summer. You can even personalize a few crab mallets, to make the feast special.

Regardless of the theme of your party, a Maryland mechanical bull rental is a great addition. It’s fun for all ages, safe, and entertaining. It’s a great way to instantly add some excitement to any barbeque, whether it be for family or work. Start your summer off right with a mechanical bull rental from Buckin’ Wild, and make your barbeque an event to remember.

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