Spring BBQ Ideas

June 15, 2017

Spring is here and with the weather turning warmer, a lot of us are spending more and more time outdoors. With holidays like the 4th of July approaching, it’s always best to plan ahead. Gather some friends and head to the backyard with these fun Spring BBQ ideas!

spring bbq ideas

  1. Water Balloons! Enjoyable for both the kids and adults, water balloons can be used for games or just as a fun way to cool off.
  2. Volleyball! If your yard is big enough, set up a volleyball net. This game is enjoyable for people of any age, and allows lots of guests to participate in the fun all at once.
  3. Pick a Theme! Decorate your party space with a theme for more excitement. Have your guests dress for the theme, hang silly decorations, make food tailored to the theme, and plan related activities for the kids! Some popular themes include: beach party, western, luau, or movie-themed.
  4. Mechanical Bull Rental! Mechanical bulls can be rented for parties of all sizes and are great for giving your guests a unique experience they may not find elsewhere. With a ride technician standing by to promote safety and explain riding tips, even inexperienced riders and young children can enjoy this party addition.
  5. Bubble Station! Tailor some games and party additions specifically to the kids, so that they can be entertained while the grown ups have their fun too. Set up a table with bowls of bubble solution and offer them a variety of wands to make bubbles of all different shapes and sizes.
  6. Burger Bar! We can’t forget about the food! Set up a burger station with many different types of toppings and condiments so your guests can make any kind of burger they desire. Add toppings like bacon, avocado, and a variety of cheeses to spice up the meal.
  7. Photo Booth! If you have a tree with strong branches in your yard, hang an over-sized picture frame from a branch and have guests pose in it while someone takes photos. Provide accessories like hats or fake mustaches to add to the fun.
  8. Decorative Citronella Candles! Don’t forget that warmer weather brings out uninvited pests and bugs that just love being around people. Place citronella candles in brightly colored jars to add personality to your outdoor space and keep your party guests safe from bug bites.

The professionals at Buckin’ Wild are dedicated to giving your party guests a fun, new, and exciting experience that they’ll be talking about all summer long. If you’d like to inquire about our services or schedule a bull rental for your Maryland BBQ, contact us today!

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