Can I Rent a Mechanical Bull for Indoors?

December 5, 2017

Does your indoor event need a little something extra to make it more exciting? Often, indoor events are limited in what they can provide. Now that we’re entering the coldest months of the year, it’s likely your event has to be held indoors. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fun, though! A mechanical bull rental is the perfect idea for nearly any event!

Mechanical bull rentals in Virginia are the perfect choice, and will entertain guests in a new, exciting way. Read on to see what you’ll need in order to rent a mechanical bull in Virginia for your indoor gathering!

mechanical bull ride maryland

What Are the Space Requirements?

Generally, ceilings must be at least 10 feet tall in order to accommodate a mechanical bull. These machines are not very high-reaching, but they do move rapidly and randomly in a way which could cause someone to bump their head on a low ceiling.

That’s why it’s best to house your event somewhere like a catering hall, a ballroom, or a warehouse. The minimum space needed will be a 20’ x 20’ square, but more space can add peace of mind. And again, you want at least 10′ of height.

What Equipment is Necessary?

Typically, your Northern Virginia mechanical bull rental company will be able to provide you with all travel and setup requirements. Commonly, the only requirement is a power hook-up and the mechanical bull rental service will provide the rest.

Here at Buckin’ Wild, we only asks for access to a 220V line. It’s the same hook-up your washer or dryer uses (in most cases). The good news is, this kind of line is much easier to find when indoors. If you do not have access to one, we can provide the proper power generation to make it work. Other than that, all you need to have is space and a willingness to let loose, and have fun!

What Kind of Events Are Best for a Maryland Mechanical Bull Rental?

There are so many events providing the perfect opportunity to have a mechanical bull as a focal point of entertainment. For example, an after-prom party is a particularly interesting event that can house a mechanical bull. Something as small as a child’s birthday party could benefit, and the fun can extend into a large-scale corporate weekend gathering.

There’s virtually no limit to where you can bring a mechanical bull. Because its power and programming is so easily adjusted, a mechanical bull is great, safe, and fun for all ages. Be sure to consider renting a mechanical bull from Buckin’ Wild for your indoor event, because regardless of what it is, a mechanical bull is sure to be the perfect fit!

Are you ready for your Maryland mechanical bull rental for your indoor event?

Buckin’ Wild takes pride in being the most reliable mechanical bull provider in Northern Virgina, Maryland, and D.C.. We travel far and wide to satisfy customers—and we ensure you’re satisfied above everything else. We intend to keep the process simple, and we want to make sure you’re enjoying every moment of your time with our mechanical bulls. For more information, contact Buckin’ Wild today, and get started on vamping up the excitement for your indoor event!

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