Planning Your Western Themed Office Party

September 2, 2021

Being in the office doesn’t always have to be about business. Sometimes employees need a fun and safe way to let loose, enjoy their peers, and build comradery. Nobody wants an old, played-out office party. Instead, plan a western-themed office party with Buckin’ Wild! Here is what you’ll need:

Western Decorations

A western-themed party is all about aesthetics. For your western-themed office party, you’re going to want to hang up a lot of western-themed decorations. Incorporate “wanted” posters throughout the office with pictures of employees, transform one area of the office into a saloon, and have cacti around the building. These are just some of the many ways you can create a western aesthetic.


Don’t Forget the Cowboy Hats

No western-themed party is complete without cowboy hats. These hats are inexpensive and will turn everyone in the office into a real-life cowboy for the event. You can choose to buy some for the office or encourage employees to bring their own. No matter which option you choose, employees are sure to enjoy getting in character for the party. 



Another important aspect of a successful office party is the food. For potlucks, encourage employees to bring western-themed food like salsa, tacos, biscuits, chili, and more. If you want to order food, find the best local restaurant that closely aligns with western-themed food. Be sure to order the food well in advance. 



Even though it is an office party, employees need activities to be entertained throughout the event. Ring tosses, bean bag tosses, and lasso tosses are activities that are sure to have employees entertained for hours. The best part is that these games will encourage healthy competition.


Mechanical Bull 

The best way to entertain employees and seal the deal for your western-themed office party is by renting a mechanical bull. A mechanical bull is a safe and fun activity for employees that will be the centerpiece of the office party. Renting a mechanical bull requires minimal effort on your part and will turn an office party from drab to fab. 


Transform Your Office Party With the Help of Buckin’ Wild

Buckin’ Wild provides Maryland mechanical bull rentals that make a statement. When you rent a mechanical bull from Buckin’ Wild, not only are you receiving a mechanical bull, but you’re also receiving a dedicated crew that handles set up, operation, and takedown.


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