5 Ways to Plan a Memorable Company Picnic

September 15, 2017

Planning a memorable company picnic which is talked about for many years takes a lot of research, planning, and spark of creativity. If you’re planning a company picnic, here are five helpful tips to help you get started on planning an entertaining, eventful day with your company.

Plan a Memorable Company Picnic

Consider Your Date

It might be tempting to plan your picnic on a weekend, in an attempt to keep your productivity during the week. However, this is never a good choice; your employees will likely already have plans for the weekend, making it difficult to find a date on which everyone can agree. Also, it’s dangerous to plan on holidays for the same reason. Start working within the fall or spring, and choose weekdays when you can afford to skip a full day of work.

Budget-Friendly Food

Keep an eye on your budget! A good way to do this is to stay smart when catering your food. At picnics, the menu can be simple, and should be able to please everyone, regardless of their dietary preferences. Options can include hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, veggie burgers, and other typical cookout foods. All of these are cheap, convenient options that will be perfect for any employee.

Mechanical Bulls

Entertainment is a vital aspect of any company picnic! Outdoor activities of all sorts can be used to bring your coworkers together. An incredibly fun option would be a mechanical bull rental. Installation and implementation is far easier than you may think. Mechanical bulls are great for all ages, and can be exactly what you need to spice up the picnic. Adding a little bit of daring fun can take your gathering from good to great.

Add a Theme

Want to bring everything together? A theme of your picnic can really make the whole thing feel cohesive. If you’re renting a mechanical bull, you may want to consider a more Western theme to keep everything looking uniform. Themes can add flare and fun to your picnic, while making it look professional and impressive. Your coworkers are sure to love preparing for the event when they know what’s in store!

Other Fun Attractions

Looking for more exciting things to do? Maybe a dunk tank is up your alley. Allow employees to dunk their managers, carnival style. Depending on how large your picnic is, you might want to consider carnival-type attractions. Inflatable slides and booth games are great additions. Adding these kinds of elements provides hours of entertainment for your coworkers. With this in mind, you might even want to try conducting a poll around the office to see what people would enjoy the most.

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