Mechanical Bulls in Popular Culture

October 15, 2022

Mechanical bulls have been popular in the United States and across the world for nearly a century. And in that amount of time, they’ve seen more than their fair share of representation in popular culture. At Buckin’ Wild, we eat, breathe, and sweat mechanical bulls, and always love when we see a bucking bull or bronco in a movie or show. We’ve rented out our bulls to businesses of all sizes and homeowners across our great state. We wanted to talk about some of our favorite times when mechanical bulls appeared in popular culture.

Urban Cowboy

The year was 1980. John Travolta was one of the hottest actors in Hollywood, fresh off of his hit Saturday Night Fever. His next film would be just as much of a classic, and it also happened to heavily feature a mechanical bull. This movie doesn’t just have one or two scenes that feature a mechanical bull, no, no, no. Urban Cowboy has John Travolta and his co-star Debra Winger riding a mechanical Bull throughout the entire movie. This is easily one of the most popular films ever made that prominently features a mechanical bull.

Cowboy Up

This is a drama movie that also has a romantic plot. It follows three brothers, two are bull riders (one of them being a champion rider), and the other is a bullfighter and stock contractor. Two of the brothers become infatuated with the same girl, and the tension created by this predicament is largely what drives the plot of the movie. The star-studded cast is topped by: Kiefer Sutherland, Marcus Thomas, Daryl Hannah, and Molly Ringwald. This movie is just drenched with bull-riding culture.

Diane Sawyer Riding in Front of America

Good Morning America is one of the longest-running shows still on the air today and is one of the most-watched morning shows in all of the United States. This is why it was so exciting when we turned our televisions on one morning, only to see Diane Sawyer Riding a mechanical bull! A clip of the event can be found online, and believe us when we tell you, it’s worth a watch! It’s always fun to see just when and where a mechanical bull will show up. 

Looking to Rent a Mechanical Bull for Your Next Event?

Sure, it can be extremely fun to watch someone ride a mechanical bull in a movie or on a television show, but it pales in comparison to riding yourself. Do you have a birthday coming up? Anniversary? Work party? Wedding? Mechanical bulls and broncos are great for nearly any event you’re trying to have some fun at. We’ve rented out our mechanical bulls to lots of businesses and people. Reach out to us today to learn more about our rental services. Call us at 717-989-5744 or request a free estimate on our website. We look forward to working with you and are looking forward to your next event – almost as much as you are!
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