Mechanical Bulls for Your Next County Fair

October 2, 2018

Harvest season is upon us, and your yearly county fair is right around the corner. So what is it that keeps us flocking back to this event every year? Let’s take a look at some of the things fair-goers enjoy most!

A county fair in progress

Live Music

Whether your county’s fair has famed celebrity musical guests or local bands that are popular in your community, the live music performances at the county fair are a big reason people flock there. Sing along and swing dance with friends and neighbors or simply enjoy the happy tunes in the background as you stroll through the fairgrounds.

Sweet Treats

Everyone knows that the best treats are found at the county fair: caramel apples, cotton candy, ice cream, and plenty of other indulgences that are sure to please your sweet tooth. County fairs are also known for their funnel cakes, corn dogs, pit beef, and other locally smoked barbecue.


County fairs have so many attractions for both kids and adults to enjoy! From Ferris wheels and funhouses to bumper cars and slingshot rides, there’s enough fun for the whole family. Challenge friends to a carnival game to win bragging rights, an oversized stuffed animal, or even a new pet goldfish!

Why Mechanical Bulls are a Must-Have at the County Fair

While food and entertainment are big hits at the county fair, one of the main purposes of the fair is to showcase local agriculture. Local farmers bring a plethora of fresh produce to share with their community. Livestock like cattle, pigs, and chickens are brought in from nearby farms for kids to pet and feed. People in the community can see firsthand the animals that produce the dairy that they purchase from their local grocer.

Bull riding fits perfectly with the agricultural theme of the county fair, and offers a unique opportunity to fair-goers both young and old. Mechanical bulls have a variety of speed settings, so children with no mechanical bull riding experience and adults who know the ropes can both enjoy this fun attraction.

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