Mechanical Bull Riding Tips for Beginners

August 2, 2019

Taking your first turn on a mechanical bull can be nerve wracking. You don’t want to embarrass or hurt yourself, but even your first ride can be fun! By following some simple bull riding tips you can make your first ride a success. From attire to technique, we’ve got you covered with some of the best tips for beginners. Let’s take a closer look.

mechanical bull tips for beginners

Attire Tips

What you wear for your mechanical bull ride is as important as your technique while riding, because your attire can be the difference between a comfortable ride and a very uneasy one. Wearing fitted but flexible clothes is an important part of a comfortable ride. While a skirt or short-shorts may look cute, they will hinder your overall experience. If you plan to ride a bull at an upcoming party, wear something you can easily move around in and you don’t have to worry about adjusting while on the bull.

In addition to the clothes you wear, having your hair out of your face is another good way to make the experience more successful. Rather than spending your ride with hair in your eyes, you can focus on staying on the bull. If you have longer hair, consider putting it in a bun or ponytail so it is out of your way.

And finally, if you have any bulky jewelry or accessories such as a big belt or wrist bangles, consider taking them off for your ride. These things could wind up leaving you bruised if they hit you when you fall off the bull.

Technique Tips

Once you have the proper attire on for your ride, you’ll want to follow some simple tips for technique. Having a good grip on the bull is vital, but balancing is equally important. In order to have a good grip and solid balance, most riders find that firmly holding on with one hand and using the other for balance is the best way to ride.

In addition to a firm grip with your hands, you’ll want to have a strong grip with your legs. Much like you would while riding a horse, use your thighs to hold yourself in place. By using your legs to help hold on, you can extend your time on the bull while avoiding any injury.

Have Fun!

Attire and technique are important parts of successful bull riding, but the most important tip is to relax and have fun! The looser and more relaxed you are, the more successful and fun the ride will be. Rather than being tense and nervous, try relaxing and going with the flow, while holding on using that one hand and the strength in your legs. And remember, the worst case is that you fall off the bull and onto a padded, soft, surface.

If you are new to mechanical bull riding or you want to include a mechanical bull at your next event, call us at Buckin’ Wild today! We’d love to help you with your mechanical bull rental in MD.We are experts in our field and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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