How We Make Mechanical Bull Riding Safe For Kids

April 1, 2021

Mechanical bulls are a fun activity for people of all ages. But as a parent, you may be concerned about the safety of a mechanical bull for your child. Luckily, here at Buckin’ Wild, we make sure that our mechanical bulls are safe for children of all ages. Here’s how:

We make mechanical bull riding safe for kids at Buckin’ Wild

Trained Personnel

Every time you rent a mechanical bull, mechanical buffalo, or mechanical raven from Buckin’ Wild, we always send at least two trained personnel to your event. Our staff ensures that the bull rides are fun yet safe. They’re trained to properly operate the mechanical ride and be on the lookout for any signs of trouble. Our technicians take care of setup, operation, and takedown, so you can worry about other important things.  

Varying Speeds

All of our mechanical rides can be adjusted to fit the needs of a child. Our technicians will always start at a slow and safe pace before adjusting it to higher speeds. We’ll even consult with you beforehand so that you can inform us of any restrictions and maximum speeds you’d want for all children in attendance. Our technicians will always listen to the riders and are prepared to stop the ride at a moment’s notice. 

Soft Surroundings

If a child were to fall off the mechanical bull, they are greeted with a soft landing. A blowup cushion surrounding the bull will protect kids from harsh falls. Plus, the cushion is surrounded by blowup walls so you can rest assured that no kid will ever fall off the cushion and onto the hard floor. This blowup cushion is always filled with enough air to ensure a soft landing.

Continuous Disinfecting

We all know that kids are inquisitive and can touch dirty things. These days, that’s not safe. So to protect you and other riders, our staff disinfects the mechanical bull after every rider. That way, you don’t have to be concerned about the spread of germs and diseases at your event. Our technicians will disinfect the ride quickly yet thoroughly so the fun can keep on coming. Your kids will always experience a clean ride when you rent from Buckin’ Wild. 

We’ve Got the Perfect Entertainment Options for Kids

Looking for a fun and safe way to entertain kids at your next event? Look no further than a PA mechanical bull rental from Buckin’ Wild! We’ll ensure that kids at your next birthday party, mini carnival, or other private event are safe, and most importantly, having fun on our mechanical rides. Contact us today to request a FREE estimate. 

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