How to Throw a Western Themed Party

May 2, 2018

There’s no better theme for a party than throwin’ down in the wild west! Between the cowboy hats, yeehaw’s and, of course, the mechanical bull, it’s sure to be one heck of a time. Take a look at our guide on how to plan the best western themed party this side of the border!

How to Throw a Western Themed Party

Wild West Invitations

The best way to start your party is with great invitations. Your invitations set the mood for your party before it even starts. Below are a couple of ideas that will be sure to knock the boots off your guests, until they put them back on for the party!

  • Cowboy Hat Invitation – cut out a template for a cowboy hat and then use the template to cut invitations out of construction paper. Write their names and add a sheriff’s badge sticker and you’ll have yourself a party of deputes in no time.
  • Wanted Posters – Turn the guest of honor into a western-style “Wanted” poster. Make sure to be creative with their crimes: “Wanted – for being the first and last on the dance floor!” Then send them out to all of your guests.

Even Wilder Costumes and Decorations

Decorations help to set the mood for the guests once they have arrived. Try transforming your kitchen into an Old Time Saloon, with bar stools and a display of different glasses and your favorite beverages. Add some finishing touches like lassos on the wall, hooks for hanging up cowboy hats, and larger versions of the “Wanted” poster invites.

Dressing up for the Wild West is a ton of fun. There are so many options for your guests to choose from, they can: show off their sticky fingers as a bandit, beautiful headdress as a chieftain, or their favorite pair of boots as a rough and tough cowboy. Hopefully your guest brought their own costumes to the party. Purchase a few cheap, plastic cowboy hats and sheriffs badges in case some of your guests forgot their costume. Having everyone wearing something, even if it’s small, will make the party more fun!

Wildest Activities

No western-style party is complete without some classic activities. The most classic activity is line dancing, whether you’re a pro dancer or trip over your feet, line dancing is both easy to learn and follow. Try some of these other wild activities:

  • Shooting Range – take the party outside with water pistols and empty soda cans to create a shooting range. Your guests can test their shot at the can and find out whether they’re hitting the bulls eye or the paper!
  • Old West Slang Trivia – Test your guests knowledge on words like “hoosegow” and “spurs” in an exciting fast paced game of trivia.

No western party is complete without a mechanical bull rental! Clear out space in your backyard for a buckin’ beast that is sure to be a hit. Watch as your guests try to hold on for dear life, and have a prize for the guest that held on the longest!

Wild West Fill Up

Between socializing, enjoying the fun activities, and being thrown around by the mechanical bull, your guests are going to get hungry. Remember, the Wild West was is about being big, so make some classic American dishes that also bring big flavor to the table. Favorites like fried chicken, wings, baked beans, corn, potato salad, and apple pie are sure to help your guest fuel up for their next ride on the mechanical bull.

Now you’re ready for one heck of a western-style party! After planning such a wild west party, don’t forget to get out there and enjoy it yourself. Take a crack at the bull, show them your line dancing skills (or lack thereof), or shoot down all the cans. Good luck and hold on tight!

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