How to Plan a Safe Birthday Party

January 5, 2021

COVID may still be around, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate a birthday. With proper planning and coordination, your birthday party can be just as fun as it would be under normal circumstances. Here’s how you can plan a safe and fun birthday party.

Talk to Your Guests Beforehand 

Talking to your guests beforehand about the expectations for the party will help it be a successful event. If you wait until guests arrive at the venue, they may feel as if you are imposing rules on them. You can also ask guests for their input about expectations for the party so that everyone feels comfortable while they’re there. 

Make it An Outdoor Party

It’s safer to have gatherings outside. It may be cold, but with the help of tents and heaters, your guests can gather outside comfortably and safely for your birthday party. If you have to have the party inside, make sure that everyone is socially distanced and is wearing some kind of face covering. 

Keep the Guest List Small

It may sound fun to have plenty of people celebrating your birthday alongside you; however, that’s not the safest thing to do right now. Thankfully, it’s not about the number of people at the party but rather, the quality of people at the party. Keep your guest list short to lessen the likelihood of spread. Your party will still be a fun experience for everyone who attends. 

Avoid Buffet-Style Food Serving

One way to eliminate common touch-points is by foregoing the buffet. You can either pre-pack food or designate servers before the day of the party to handle the food.  Lastly, make sure that food is covered when not being served. 

Have Appropriate Entertainment

Have some ways to entertain guests that don’t involve a lot of touching and sharing. You can get creative and make up a fun new game, or you can outsource entertainment. Regardless of how you decide to entertain guests, make sure that everyone is comfortable with whichever entertainment you choose. 

Have a Buckin’ Wild Birthday Party

One way you can plan a safe and fun birthday party is by renting a mechanical bull from Buckin’ Wild. With two trained personnel at your event and constant cleaning measures, we’ll make sure that everyone is having fun and staying safe while riding the mechanical bull. Contact us today for a free estimate and to learn why we’re the number one place for MD entertainment rentals. 

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