How to Be a Pro at Mechanical Bull Riding

August 5, 2020

The thrill of riding a mechanical bull is indescribable. You get the excitement of riding a bull without having to worry about being stomped on or attacked by a real one. Although a mechanical bull isn’t real, it still requires courage, balance, and coordination to be good at it. Impress your friends and onlookers at your ability to ride a mechanical bull like a pro by using these tips.

Stay Calm

Before, during, and after riding the mechanical bull, you should always remain calm. Stiffness is the reason for falling off the bull quickly. You need to be able to adjust your body to account for the bull’s movements. 

Dress Appropriately

Don’t wear clothes that are tight or slippery since they will negatively impact your grip on the bull. Don’t wear clothing that you have to fidget with because that will take your attention away from the mechanical bull. Lastly, don’t wear clothing that you would care about if something were to happen to it. 

Have a Strong Grip

One of the major keys to staying on a mechanical bull is having a strong grip on the rope. It helps you maintain balance and gives you a smoother ride. For the strongest grip, you can either hold the rope:

  1. Palms up with hand underneath 
  2. Palms down with fingers gripping the rope from the top 

Keep Your Eyes on the Bull’s Head

It may be tempting to look around when people are cheering you on, but this can distract you. Looking at the bull’s head will help you predict the bull’s movements and adjust your body accordingly. People will cheer for you a lot louder if you manage to keep your focus and stay on the mechanical bull for a long time. 

Put One Hand in the Air

In professional bull riding, using the hand not occupied with the rope is a huge no-no. Although this isn’t a real bull, those rules still apply if you want to look like a professional mechanical bull rider. Putting your unoccupied hand in the air will make you look like a professional as well as give you a bit of counterbalance. 

Looking to Show Off Your Mechanical Bull Riding Skills?

Buckin’ Wild offers MD Mechanical Bull Rentals for all your parties, carnivals, reunions, and other special events. All your friends and family are sure to have a blast and you can showcase your newfound skills. Don’t wait to show off your new riding skills, call or contact us today to get a free estimate. 

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