How Safe is a Mechanical Bull?

September 4, 2020

It’s normal to have some reservations about riding a mechanical bull or letting your loved one ride one. They look intimidating at times and we’re sure you’ve heard a horror story or two involving a mechanical bull. Although it’s true that riding a mechanical bull involves some risk, most mechanical bulls are safe for people to ride. Here’s why.

Throw Design

The design of a mechanical bull plays a major role in its level of safety. Mechanical bulls  can be designed for over-head toss or side toss. As the names suggest, bulls that are designed with an over-head toss throw riders over the bull’s head while bulls that have a side toss design throw riders to the side. Injuries usually occur when a rider is thrown over the bull’s head. To provide optimal safety, make sure that the bull you rent has a side toss design.  


A mechanical bull can have either:

  • A rope 
  • Leather strap
  • Metal handles 

Bulls that have a leather strap or a rope are the safest. They’re easy to release when you fall off the bull. Metal handles can be dangerous if a rider falls forward over them. When renting a mechanical bull, be sure to ask what type of handles they come with. 


Padding is important to ensure safety. Most mechanical bulls come equipped with a soft inflatable at the base of the bull to make sure you aren’t falling onto hard ground. However, not all mechanical bulls are padded the same. Some feel hard when you sit on it due to lack of seat padding, others aren’t as hard. The safest mechanical bulls have sufficient padding around the head and horns of the bull as well. 

Trained Operators 

When you rent a mechanical bull, you also rent the staff that will be operating it. If you rent from a company that doesn’t have trained staff who don’t know how to properly operate the bull, it can put you and your party guests at risk for injury. An operator needs to know how to operate the machine, know when it’s time to stop the ride, and screen riders. 

Who’s Ready for a Safe and Wild Time?

Buckin’ Wild is here to provide you with a safe mechanical bull that all your party guests are sure to enjoy. We’re the number resource for Carroll County party rental and we’ll be glad to further elaborate on the safety of all our rides. Give us a call or contact us today to learn more. 

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