How Inflatables Can Rock a Birthday

August 2, 2022

Inflatables are an exciting and safe way to give your party guests a fun time. They’ve remained a popular party entertainment choice for multiple reasons. Perfect for people of all ages, inflatables are always a hit at every birthday party. But if you need more convincing, take a look at the ways inflatables can rock a birthday party.

Levels the Playing Field 

In most games, individuals with more coordination and athletic skills are bound to win. But with inflatable games, everyone is equally uncoordinated. That means even the most uncoordinated person has the opportunity to enjoy the game and win. Inflatables level the playing field in every kind of competition, such as inflatable joust, where just standing can prove difficult.


Great for Pictures

Inflatables are great for pictures. You can get live-action shots of your guests having fun while using it, or you can use the inflatable as a prop in your pictures. Either way, inflatables are great to include in pictures. Guests will enjoy taking pictures and posting them to their social media accounts, and you’ll enjoy taking pictures of your guests enjoying the inflatables! 


Friendly Competition

Why not take your birthday party to the next level and include some friendly competition? That’s what inflatables can help do. People of all ages can participate in inflatable games. For birthday parties, hosts can give away small prizes to the winners of inflatable competitions. That way, guests have something that reminds them of all the fun they had at your birthday party! 



With most games, you’re stuck with few options. But not with inflatable games. With inflatable games, the possibilities are endless. Maybe you want to hold a jousting tournament, or maybe you would rather have a demolition ball game where the last person standing is the winner. With so many options available, your guests are sure to enjoy whatever game that involves the inflatable.


Indoor and Outdoor Fun

No matter if you have an indoor birthday party or an outdoor one, inflatables can help make it that much more fun. The variety of sizes available means if you have a large indoor venue, an inflatable will be able to fit inside and be the centerpiece of your birthday party entertainment. If you have an outdoor birthday party, inflatables can withstand the elements and still be fun to play with. 


Let Buckin’ Wild Help with Your Next Birthday Party

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