How Do Mechanical Bulls Work?

November 15, 2017

If you’ve ever ridden a mechanical bull rental, you may be curious as to how they actually function. In order to feel safe using anything, you’ll want to know how it works. So, how does a mechanical bull actually work? Is it safe? And why should you be renting one for your next party, gathering, or festival?

Buckin' Wild Mechanical Bulls

How Does It Work?

A mechanical bull has several parts that all function together. There are the inflatable portions, like the floor and the walls, which provide protection for when riders fall. The bull itself is mounted on a motor, with gears that are programmed to move in a certain way. These gears and motions can be safely controlled by another person, adding to the fun.

Motions can be predetermined or random, depending on the bull model. All in all, a mechanical bull rental has very simple components. The most complicated piece of machinery that could present any kind of danger is protected by layers of inflatable covering and pages of safety regulations, used when the bull is being created.

Is a Mechanical Bull Safe to Ride?

Watching a mechanical bull in action might seem intimidating, at first. For some, it appears violent, jerking the rider every which way until they are viciously thrown off. The very idea of such a ride being controlled by machinery may also turn a few participants away, under the impression that it could catastrophically malfunction.

All of these fears, however, are based on myths. Mechanical bull rides are safe, and they are certainly safer than riding a real bull, for both humans and animals.

The bulls can be controlled via speed, as well. Should children be riding, the speed can be decreased to make the ride less intense and more entertaining. If you’re concerned about the safety of your children, you don’t have to be.

The inflatable surroundings offer a kind of protection that ensures no rider will be harmed by falling off the bull. Buckin’ Wild promises perfectly safe rentals, and we’re firm believers in protecting each and every rider.

Why Work With Buckin’ Wild?

Safety doesn’t have to be the expense of fun! Despite the incredibly secure nature of our Maryland mechanical bull rentals, our powerful machinery promises an exciting, thrilling ride each and every time. Buckin’ Wild has been providing mechanical bull rentals for years, satisfying customers across Maryland. If you’re having a work party, a festival, a family get-together, or an other kind of gathering, a mechanical bull is the best way to spice up your experience.

Keep things interesting when you invest in a mechanical bull rental, and with Buckin’ Wild, you can rest assured that your rented machinery will be safe for everyone. Never sacrifice functionality for excitement. Buckin’ Wild knows that better than anyone.

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