How Can a Mechanical Bull Add Fun to Your Fall Fling?

September 4, 2019

Fall is such a great time of the year for family reunions, cookouts, weddings, and get-togethers. Throwing a fall fling can be a fun way to catch up with family and friends while enjoying all the season has to offer. A mechanical bull can add the perfect touch to your fall party, providing entertainment for your guests and adding to your overall theme. Let’s look at some ways to throw a perfect fall fling for your loved ones.

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Decor and Atmosphere

Fall decor is colorful, warm, and inviting, which makes it the perfect decor for a great party. Whether it be golden and red leaves, pumpkins and squash, or hay bales, fall decorations can really enhance the atmosphere of your fall fling. For easy and inexpensive decorations, consider utilizing things from nature, such as pumpkins and mums. Hay bales can add both to the decor and your fling’s seating space. If you need fall decor that can be reused, or your party is taking place before natural decorations are readily available, faux leaves, pumpkins, and garlands can be a great option.

To add to the atmosphere once you have your decorations picked out, consider what type of music will play during the event. Country and folk music are great options for a fall-themed party, as they fit right in with the decor and create a great atmosphere. If your fall fling takes place right around Halloween, spooky music can be another great option.

Food and Beverage

Carefully choosing what you will serve your guests to eat and drink is another way to add to the overall theme of the party. For a fall-themed party, a cookout is a great option, as is a barbeque with smoked, pulled meat and southern sides. If you plan to offer limited food at your party, choosing one or two fall-themed snacks can help carry the theme over without having a full meal. To really add to the theme warm apple cider and hot cocoa are also great options that your guests are sure to love.


Having some sort of entertainment for your guests is an important part of planning a successful party. For a fall-themed party having some games, such as cornhole and horseshoes, is a great way to provide guests with entertainment that doesn’t require your full attention. Another great option for entertainment that is sure to make your party a huge hit is a mechanical bull. Renting a mechanical bull is sure to draw a crowd and make the party memorable. Mechanical bull rides are great for all ages, as the intensity can be adjusted for every rider, making it safe and fun for all of your guests.

Throwing a fall fling is a great way to get your friends and family together to enjoy the season of gratitude. By theming your get together by using fall decor, music, food, and entertainment, you are sure to throw a party that will be remembered for years to come. For mechanical bull rentals in Maryland contact us at Buckin Wild today. We’d love to answer any questions you have about bull rentals and help you make your next party one to remember!

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