Hire a Mechanical Bull for Your Next Charity Event!

September 4, 2018

Fun is often the key ingredient in an effective fundraiser. The more fun the guests have, the more they will want to donate to your cause.

Mechanical bulls are a great addition to a charity event, but planning carefully is important. Let’s look at some ways to make a mechanical bull a great option for your charity event.

Hire a Mechanical Bull for Your Next Charity Event!

Know Your Target Attendees

One thing that can make or break your charity event is knowing your target audience. Are you trying to raise money for the local school, or are you raising money for the local opera? By knowing what things your attendees like and don’t like, you can cater an event towards them. The more fun your attendees are having, the more likely they will be to donate.

When hosting a fundraiser with the goal of having a fun time, consider a bull roast or carnival. These types of events are enjoyable for everyone and provide a great opportunity for the community to participate. Good food, flowing drinks, and fun activities, such as a mechanical bull are sure to make for a great night and a memorable event.

Know Your Budget

Having a strict budget is an essential part of successful event planning, especially in the case of a charity event. When people donate to your cause, they want to see their money going towards the topic that you’re presenting, not to throwing parties. Not only that, but you’ll need to be transparent with your intended spending to meet the requirements of the public.

To budget accordingly, work closely with your vendors to determine the cost of the day (or evening) so that you can price tickets accordingly. Your tickets should cover the cost of the event plus some for a donation, but you will also want entertainment that encourages additional donations.

Plan Every Detail

Having a well planned event can be the difference between a average party and an extraordinary one. Without proper planning you could end up having an underwhelming event with underwhelming donation results.

A mechanical bull can be the perfect addition to a charity event by adding hours of fun for your guests. If you are planning a charity event and are in the market for entertainment, give us a call today. We can work with you to determine the best service for your budget and needs. Give us a call today to discuss your mechanical bull rental in Maryland!

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