Have a Mechanical Bull for your Business Grand Opening or Special Event

May 30, 2022

No matter how hard we try, sometimes business events and special events can end up traditional and boring. There’s a standard recipe for grand openings, and it can be hard to determine new ways to make your event entertaining. One way people are choosing to liven their grand openings and special events up is by renting a mechanical bull. Here’s why you should consider doing so too:

Fun for Everyone

No matter if you have dozens of your colleagues and investors or a family event, a mechanical bull will entertain everyone. The good thing about mechanical bulls is that virtually anyone can ride them. Whether a rider is two or 92, they’re still eligible to hop on and ride the mechanical bull. This is because the mechanical bull is controlled by a system that allows the operator to change difficulty levels based on the rider. 


Makes the Event a Little Less Formal

Formality has its time and place. But with a grand opening and even with special events, you want people to be excited to be attending. A mechanical bull brings excitement to your event. You’ll be able to see attendees in a way that you usually never would in a formal event. You get to experience people’s true selves, and you may find out that you guys have more in common than you think – all because you chose to liven your special event with a mechanical bull.


Encourages Friendly Competition

One way to make your special event memorable is to encourage some friendly competition. You can do this by offering a prize for the person who stays on the longest. Or, you can create a tournament and give small prizes to the top competitors. These gifts can be company branded, which makes them the perfect marketing tools for your grand opening. There are plenty of ways to encourage friendly competition with a mechanical bull, so don’t be afraid to get creative. 


Easy to Set Up

Mechanical bulls are easy to set up and take down. While you’re busy planning and executing your special event, trained personnel will set up the mechanical bull and ensure it’s working. Once your event is underway, the trained personnel will operate the mechanical bull and ensure that every rider is having a fun time while riding. After your event, they’ll quickly and efficiently pack up and haul away the mechanical bull. So all you have to worry about is showing the personnel where to set up. 


Ready to Rent One for Your Special Event?

Buckin’ Wild offers mechanical bull rentals in MD and is ready to help make your next special event a memorable one. We ensure that everyone who rides our mechanical bulls are doing so safely, and most importantly, are having fun. Contact us today to request a free estimate.

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