Maryland Fall Activities That Are Better With A Bull

October 18, 2016

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Mechanical bull riding is an exciting addition to celebrations of all kinds, and the fun doesn’t stop just because the weather gets cooler! There are plenty of Fall activities, especially in the Carroll County, MD area, that would benefit greatly from a mechanical bull!

Pumpkin Patches

A mechanical bull ride is a fun and unique attraction to add to your pumpkin patch. Before or after making their way through the patch and picking out their favorite pumpkins to take home and decorate, families can take a walk on the wilder side by showing off their skills on the mechanical bull. Good for adults and kids alike, the mechanical bull is a perfect way to spice up the pumpkin patch experience and is sure to attract a crowd!

Farmer’s Markets

Give the kids something to do while the adults are shopping at your local farmer’s market! We all know how tough it can be shopping with little ones in tow – why not let them have some fun while mom and dad enjoy all that your farmer’s market has to offer?! We have skilled professionals that are here to help the youngsters (and adults!) learn how to ride the mechanical bull and have an enjoyable experience like no other. The bull ride doesn’t take up excessive space and isn’t too noisy, so it is great for smaller, calmer events as well!

Corn Mazes

Corn Mazes, like Cornfusion in Manchester, Maryand is already chock-full of fun Fall activities, so why not add one more?! With a wide variety of things to do from mini sporting games to face painting, this event is clearly one that draws both active and more relaxed guests. These patrons can all enjoy the experience of a mechanical bull, either by participating themselves or watching others try and master the skills of mechanical bull riding. Cornfusion and other corn maze locations  also host birthday parties, which are already a great place to offer guests a chance to ride!

Fall Festivals

Fall festivals are taking place all over Maryland this time of year, and with the weather being so enjoyable, it’s hard to see a downside to adding a mechanical bull to the festival activities you’ve planned. Bull riding isn’t something you get the opportunity to take part in often. A festival with large crowds of all ages is an optimal setting for a mechanical bull – it attracts an audience and creates an enjoyable experience for both the older and younger attendees! Bull riding is a great outdoor activity and is sure to bring added excitement to any fall festival.

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