Do’s and Don’ts of a Mechanical Bull at a Wedding

April 12, 2016


So you’ve got a brilliant idea to rent a mechanical bull for your Maryland wedding. Some of your friends and family are excited, while others are not sure what to make of this unconventional choice. As you probably know, mechanical bull riding can be a lot of fun. It’s one of those attractions both children and adults can enjoy. But is it appropriate for a wedding? The answer to this question is “yes,” but you have to take a few precautions to make sure it remains a safe kind of fun. Here is a short overview of how to do a mechanical bull at a wedding the right way!

Do Make Sure it Fits With Your Theme

Having a mechanical bull at a wedding is by no means traditional. So if you are doing a wedding “by the book,” it may not be the best choice of entertainment for you. However, if your wedding is about fun, joy and who you are, then by all means go ahead with the mechanical bull rental. It will fit especially well if your theme has to do with country, cowboys, westerns, farm-fresh or anything rustic. Your bridal party doesn’t have to wear cowboy boots, but if it so happens that it was part of your plan anyway, a mechanical bull is perfect for your wedding.

Do Encourage People to Ride it

If your crowd is a bit hesitant or conservative, they may need some encouragement to get on the bull. You could hire a photographer to snap a memorable photo of every rider. Or order custom t-shirts that say something like “I rode a mechanical bull at this wedding.” This could be a great and exclusive party favor that only the brave ones will get! You could even make it into a contest and offer a prize to the best rider.

Do Make it Easy for the Ladies

It’s no surprise that most of your female guests will probably wear dresses to your wedding. Meanwhile, a dress or skirt is not the best attire to ride a mechanical bull for numerous reasons. To solve this problem, you could remind everyone to bring a pair of pants or tights to wear under the dress for the bull ride. Or you could provide one-size-fits-all pants, PJs or leggings and a changing booth near the mechanical bull. This way wearing a dress won’t be an obstacle for the ladies and they can safely join in on the fun.

Don’t Involve Alcohol

While it can be fun for adults to get a few drinks in before riding a bull, be careful not to overdo it. Someone who is visibly intoxicated shouldn’t ride the bull, no matter how confident they are in their skills. While mechanical bull rides are generally safe, they do require focus and a minimal sense of balance—things intoxicated people frequently lack. Thankfully, our mechanical bull rental comes with a trained operator who can adjust the bull’s settings based on each rider’s age and ability, as well as advise someone against riding the bull.

Do Your Research

There are several companies that offer mechanical bull rentals in Maryland. Before you make your decision, talk to a few and compare their rates and services. Wedding’s are already a complex event, so you want someone who will take care of the bull ride from start to finish. At Buckin’ Wild, for example, we deliver, install, run, pack up and transport the ride for you. Just let us know what time you need us there, where to place it, and consider it done. Our goal is to make this experience as stress-free and hands-off as possible, so that you can focus on more important wedding arrangements.

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