Can You Rent a Mechanical Bull Indoors

November 5, 2019

As temperatures continue to drop here in Maryland, many people begin to feel their entertainment options are limited. Party planners begin to plan their events for indoor venues, limiting what entertainment can be at the party. But what types of entertainment can be taken inside?

mechanical bull rental indoor party

While bounce houses and obstacle courses may be out of the question in a smaller indoor space, some entertainment options may surprise you. Mechanical bulls may seem like an outdoor-only activity, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Let’s look at why a mechanical bull can be a great addition to your indoor event.

Not Weather-Dependent

Mechanical bulls are a great option for any party, indoors or outdoors. Because the bull can be set up inside, it can be a fun addition to an event that is scheduled to be outside but has an indoor backup plan. During the fall and winter months the weather can be unpredictable, so renting a mechanical bull can provide your guests with entertainment even when the party has to move indoors. Neither rain nor snow can stop the fun when it comes to a mechanical bull ride!


Mechanical bulls take up a relatively small amount of space given the big fun they provide. The bull is surrounded by an inflatable mat to protect riders should they fall off, but even with this it still takes up less room than a typical dance floor. Adding a mechanical bull to your smaller party also provides the opportunity for everyone to watch and cheer as each guest takes a turn on the bull. For parties in smaller indoor spaces, a mechanical bull can be a fun and unique addition that provides a lot of entertainment for everyone.

Fun For Everyone

Throwing a party that is fun for everyone can be a challenge, and finding entertainment options that keep everyone engaged is even harder. A mechanical bull rental is a great option for entertaining everyone because the bull can be adjusted in intensity for every rider. At Buckin’ Wild, our trained staff can make riding fun for everyone, from the littlest riders to the most experienced.

Your Resource for Mechanical Bull Rentals in MD

Party planning can be a challenge even in the most ideal conditions, but with unpredictable weather and dropping temperatures, that challenge is magnified. At Buckin’ Wild we offer mechanical bull rentals for indoor and outdoor events that provide fun and entertainment for everyone. To schedule your mechanical bull rental in Maryland call us at Buckin’ Wild today!

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