Can You Rent a Mechanical Bull for a Wedding?

October 4, 2019

Wedding planning can be equally exciting and stressful, but throwing a great party for your guests to remember doesn’t have to be difficult. You want your day to be memorable both for yourself and for your guests and providing reception entertainment is a great way to do that. Once you’ve narrowed down the overall theme and style for your reception, you’ll want to consider what type of entertainment will fit with that theme.

wedding event rental mechanical bull

For a more rustic, casual reception a mechanical bull can be a great option that is sure to make lasting memories for your guests. Let’s look at some reasons why a mechanical bull rental can be a perfect addition to a wedding reception.

Added Theming

If your wedding theme is more on the casual side a mechanical bull can greatly add to the overall theming. For receptions in a gorgeous old barn, for example, a mechanical bull will fit right in and carry your theme throughout the event. Guests having fun riding the mechanical bull while enjoying some barbeque and a cold drink will really set the overall tone for the event, from the atmosphere to the food to the entertainment.

Great Memories

In addition to adding to the overall ambiance of your reception, the mechanical bull will provide hours of entertainment for your guests. Whether you have a competition to see who can last the longest on the bull, or you, the bride and groom, plan to join your guests in riding the bull, it is sure to create lasting memories for everyone. By adding a time scoreboard next to your bull set up you can encourage your guests to ride again and again to beat each other’s time, making it even more fun.

Fun for Everyone

Another great benefit of renting a mechanical bull is that it provides entertainment for everyone. Because our bulls are completely controlled by a professional, the strength and speed of the bull can be adjusted for even the smallest riders. From young children to older guests, everyone can take a turn on the bull without worrying about injury. Our bulls come completely surrounded by an inflatable cushion so guests who fall off won’t be injured, making it a safe and fun way to entertain guests.

 Your Resource for Mechanical Bull Rental in MD

If you are planning a wedding and would like to add some entertainment that will really wow your guests, consider renting a mechanical bull! At Buckin’ Wild we offer mechanical bull rentals in Maryland and we’d love to help you make your next event a hit. To speak with a member of our team about your upcoming party, call us today!

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