Can You Rent a Mechanical Bull Even if it Rains During Your Event?

August 2, 2021

So you’ve rented a mechanical bull. You’ve told all your friends that there will be a mechanical bull at your event, and everyone is excited to ride and compete against one another. But on the day of your event, it’s raining. Should you call your mechanical bull company and cancel your rental, or should you keep it? The short answer is you should keep your mechanical bull rental, and here’s why.

We’ll Provide the Tents

When you rent a mechanical bull from Buckin’ Wild, we’ll provide the tent needed to protect the mechanical bull rental. That means you and your guests will have a safe, dry place to ride the mechanical bull and have fun. If you want additional tent equipment for your outdoor event, we’ll provide those too. Our goal is to provide an excellent mechanical bull rental experience, rain or shine. 


Riders Won’t Fall on the Ground

In addition to having a tent that covers riders, the ground will also be protected by a tarp and a large blow-up landing pad. You will never have to worry about falling on hard wet ground. Our air-filled cushions are there to catch riders and provide a soft landing should you fall off the mechanical bull. The cushion will be placed underneath the tent during your event.


We Have Generators

If you’re worried about how we’ll provide energy to the mechanical bull during your event, don’t worry. Buckin’ Wild has generators that can withstand some of the toughest weather conditions. Your mechanical bull will continue to run smoothly regardless of the weather. 


We Do the Setup For You

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about setting up or breaking down the mechanical bull. Our staff does the hard work for you and will set up the mechanical equipment while it’s raining. Once it’s protected by an overarching tent, you and your guests are invited to enjoy the ride throughout the event. Once the event is over, we’ll pack up the mechanical equipment and be on our way. 


We Have Highly-Trained Staff

Your mechanical bull rental comes with two highly-trained staff members. These staff members understand the ins and outs of your mechanical equipment. They’ll monitor the weather conditions and ensure that it’s always safe to ride. We’ll never put you or any event-goers in danger. 


Mechanical Bull Rentals, Rain or Shine

When you’re looking for an entertaining activity for your next event, look no further than a mechanical bull from Buckin’ Wild. We offer mechanical bull rentals in Frederick County, Howard County, Baltimore County, and more! Contact us now to schedule a mechanical bull rental for your next event! 

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