Can I rent a mechanical bull in the winter?

November 14, 2016

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Well, the simple answer is, yes, you can! A mechanical bull can be rented during every season of the year, but the demand for mechanical bulls increases in the winter. This is mainly because, due to the harsh winter climate of Maryland, people are confined indoors and look for something special to add to all of their events. You can turn a boring event into an exciting action packed event that people will never forget with a bull ride.

Mechanical bulls can be rented from different companies but before you enter into a contract with one of them, make sure that they have the most advanced equipment that will provide entertainment to your guests in a safe manner.

Space and power required to set up a mechanical bull

If you are wondering if you have enough space in your home or commercial setting to rent a mechanical bull, here are the exact dimensions needed to set up a mechanical bull.

  • You will need a 20 x 25 area and the ceiling should be a minimum of 12 inches.
  • If you don’t have that much space, rest assured, there are smaller mechanical bulls available to accommodate different areas.
  • The amount of power required to operate a mechanical bull is two 20 amp – 110 volts on separate circuits. This amount of power can be found in mostly every home in Maryland.

Different events for which you can rent a mechanical bull

  1. Birthday Parties: This can be the center of attraction for your children’s birthday party. Mechanical bulls are safe and keep children hooked till the last minute. The safety padding around the bull makes sure no one is hurt and that everyone has the time of their life.
  2. Company Parties: Tired of the boring corporate events? Look no further. Rent a mechanical bull and see for yourself how entertaining it is to see your boss get thrown off the bull! It will also help in building employee relationships.
  3. Weddings: Most people even rent mechanical bulls at their weddings to make it a memorable event which people will talk about for ages. Having a mechanical bull at a wedding might make weddings fun for a change.
  4. Other events: Since everyone is confined indoors, there’s not much you can do in the winter. Renting a mechanical bull will automatically give your guests something to keep them occupied and entertained.

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