Bring in the New Year with a Mechanical Bull

December 4, 2020

We know. A mechanical bull isn’t exactly the first thing you think of when you think about celebrating a new year. You’re probably used to going to a New Year’s party or sitting with the family watching the ball drop. Unfortunately, these things may not happen this year. That means you need to get creative with finding entertainment to ring in the New Year. Why not switch it up and celebrate the New Year with a mechanical bull?

Bring the Bar to Your Home

If you’re someone who enjoys going to the bar on New Year’s Eve and letting loose, a mechanical bull can help replicate the feel. Some bars have mechanical bulls, and patrons enjoy riding it. Bring in the new year by stocking up on your favorite alcoholic beverages, inviting a small group of friends, and let loose. Please remember to always drink responsibly and use your best judgment when deciding to ride the mechanical bull. 

Keep the Kids Entertained

Did your trip to watch the ball drop get canceled this year? Were you supposed to visit a place where your kids enjoy going? While you’re staying at home for New Year’s, you’ll need to keep them entertained. A mechanical bull is a good way to do that. Since a mechanical bull’s difficulty level can be adjusted to suit kids, it’s a safe way to entertain them. You can ensure that your kids enjoy the last few hours of 2020 with a fun-filled mechanical bull night. 

Create a Memorable Moment

While 2020 was certainly filled with a lot of unexpected and memorable events, if you’re like most people, you struggled to make some positive memories this year. Gathering a few friends and family to your house and renting a bull for the occasion is one way you can create a lasting memory for this year. This unexpected year will always be remembered, so why not finish it out in an unexpected way? 

Ring in the New Year with Buckin’ Wild 

Ready to make a memorable night with a MD mechanical bull rental? Buckin’ Wild is here to help you do it! When you work with us you’re not just renting a mechanical bull; you’re also renting trained staffers to set up your mechanical bull, operate it, and pack it up when you’re done. All you have to worry about is having fun. Call or contact us today to request your free estimate. 

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