Are Mechanical Bulls Safe?

September 15, 2016

mechanical bull child rider

A mechanical bull is always the main attraction at any great event or bar. The bull brings a level of fun that is second to none and is fun for all ages. But that good time could easily be ruined if you don’t feel safe and comfortable with your mechanical bull and the operator.

While you’re not riding an actual bull, there are a few things to keep in mind in regards to safety. Mechanical bulls in the right hands are completely safe and even a child can ride it with no fear or caution required. Most issues are caused by inexperienced operators or old equipment. Here are some tips and tricks to help you spot the inexperienced guys and choose a professional company with safety in mind.

It’s All In the Grip

Our bulls are equipped with leather or rope grips to ensure that when you fall you can easily release the grip and safely roll off the bull. If you notice that a mechanical bull has a metal grip with no give, please exercise caution. The metal grip won’t move and when you fall you’ll have to make sure your hands are free otherwise you could injure fingers , hands, and wrists.


When you climb aboard a mechanical bull you should feel comfortable, there needs to be adequate padding to support your body weight as you shift back and forth. If you mount the bull and it is hard and uncomfortable, don’t ride. Our bulls are fully padded and cushioned so your ride will be enjoyable and won’t leave you with any pains.

The Operator

The most important factor in the safety of a ride is the operator behind the controls. They maintain the speed, direction, and level of the bull for the rider. The operator gauges experience, anticipates rider issues and believe it or not can even see which way you’re leaning and gently toss you off that side. Our operators are experts and have been trained and put in hours of time becoming skilled at running the mechanical bull. If your operator seems inexperienced or is new, consider waiting to ride.

At Buckin’ Wild we put safety and quality first and we are always in control. Because of that, our bulls are safe and fun for riders of all ages from 2-92! Contact our staff today to learn more about our bulls and request a free estimate.

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