Are Mechanical Bulls Safe?

May 17, 2017

You’ve seen a mechanical bull ride before, but can it really be that safe? The goal is to stay on the bull as long as possible, but eventually you’ll get thrown off – how can you be certain you won’t get hurt? Mechanical bull rides are actually very safe and easy to use! Here’s why:

Are Mechanical Bulls Safe?

The Bull’s Design

There are many components of a mechanical bull ride that are used to promote safety. Stabilizing air bags are fitted that provide continuous pressure to keep the ride from being unstable. The mechanical bull itself is padded and covered in soft material making the ride comfortable for the rider. Controls are installed so that the operator can have complete control over the speed and motion of the ride. A leather rope/grip is also installed so that you can easily let go and safely fall from the bull.

Inflatable Floor

Bull rides aren’t just set up on your yard or event location’s flooring—they come with an inflatable floor that ensures your fall from the mechanical bull will be as safe and without injury as possible. Maximum cushioning is important to provide for riders since falling off is inevitable and a part of the experience.

Trained Technicians

A great way to know if the Maryland mechanical bull rental company you’ve chosen is a reliable one is if they require their staff to supervise the ride throughout the entire time it is in use. Technicians know all of the best safety tips to follow and will ensure riders know exactly how to use the ride safely before they even get on.


Any reputable mechanical bull rental company in Maryland should be properly insured. There is no denying the risks of minimal physical injury when riding a mechanical bull, and a smart rental company will be proactive by obtaining insurance to protect themselves and their riders.

As you can see, most of the safety issues involved with mechanical bull riding are taken care of by the manufacturers of the ride and the operators who run them. As a rider, you can also avoid safety hazards by following these mechanical bull riding tips from the pros!

Buckin’ Wild is your one-stop-shop for mechanical bull rentals in Maryland. Our professionals are well educated in mechanical bull safety and will ensure that your guests will have the safest experience possible. Contact us and rent a mechanical bull today!

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