Who Can Ride a Mechanical Bull?

February 5, 2018

Mechanical bulls are for all ages, across all backgrounds, for anyone. That’s part of what makes them so entertaining and so widely praised. Mechanical bull riding is notorious for being a fun, easy, and exciting activity that has very little restriction in regards to who can and cannot ride. However, there are still safety restrictions […]


Tips for Finding a Virginia Mechanical Bull Service

January 3, 2018

When renting a mechanical bull for your event, you don’t want to jump on the first company you see. It’s very possible that you could be swindled into a bad deal with a less-than-reputable company. Mechanical bulls need to be of superior quality–not just to maximize entertainment, but also to ensure safety. That’s why it’s […]


Can I Rent a Mechanical Bull for Indoors?

December 5, 2017

Does your indoor event need a little something extra to make it more exciting? Often, indoor events are limited in what they can provide. Now that we’re entering the coldest months of the year, it’s likely your event has to be held indoors. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fun, though! A mechanical bull […]


How Do Mechanical Bulls Work?

November 15, 2017

If you’ve ever ridden a mechanical bull rental, you may be curious as to how they actually function. In order to feel safe using anything, you’ll want to know how it works. So, how does a mechanical bull actually work? Is it safe? And why should you be renting one for your next party, gathering, […]


Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

October 10, 2017

Looking for the perfect way to spruce up your wedding reception? The point of a wedding reception is to have a fantastic time with friends and family, celebrating your success and happiness. It only makes sense to make it as amazing as possible. You have a lot of options for activities that will make your […]


5 Ways to Plan a Memorable Company Picnic

September 15, 2017

Planning a memorable company picnic which is talked about for many years takes a lot of research, planning, and spark of creativity. If you’re planning a company picnic, here are five helpful tips to help you get started on planning an entertaining, eventful day with your company. Consider Your Date It might be tempting to […]


Ride a Mechanical Bull at the Libertytown, MD Carnival

August 4, 2017

Looking for something fun to do with the whole family this weekend? Check out the Libertytown Volunteer Fire Department’s Annual Carnival! Not to mention, this year your friends here at Buckin’ Wild, the Maryland mechanical bull rental company, will be in attendance! Buckin’ Wild at the Libertytown Carnival The Libertytown, MD Carnival is a great […]


Mechanical Bulls Rentals in Maryland

July 13, 2017

Renting a mechanical bull for your next party or event is the perfect way to give your guests an experience they’ll never forget. Here are some frequently asked questions about mechanical bull rentals in Maryland that’ll help you get a feel for how easy and fun adding this unique experience to your party can be! […]


Spring BBQ Ideas

June 15, 2017

Spring is here and with the weather turning warmer, a lot of us are spending more and more time outdoors. With holidays like the 4th of July approaching, it’s always best to plan ahead. Gather some friends and head to the backyard with these fun Spring BBQ ideas! Water Balloons! Enjoyable for both the kids […]


Are Mechanical Bulls Safe?

May 17, 2017

You’ve seen a mechanical bull ride before, but can it really be that safe? The goal is to stay on the bull as long as possible, but eventually you’ll get thrown off – how can you be certain you won’t get hurt? Mechanical bull rides are actually very safe and easy to use! Here’s why: […]


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