6 Tips for Riding a Mechanical Bull

April 26, 2017

Never had the exciting experience of riding a mechanical bull, or just need some more practice? Don’t be intimidated! Anyone can learn to ride a mechanical bull, from young children to grown adults. Keep these riding tips in mind and you’ll be riding like a pro in no time!

Tips for Riding a Mechanical Bull

Tip #1 – Hold on!

Use your dominant hand, the one you write with, to hold on tightly to the strap on the seat. Grip it either palm up or palm down, whichever makes you feel like you have the most control.

Tip #2 – Watch your free hand!

Use your non-dominant or free hand for balance by keeping it in the air either above your head or to your side. This hand should be in motion with the rest of your upper body to further enable you to flow with the ride.

Tip #3 – Use your legs!

Control is not solely the gripping hand’s responsibility. Grip the sides of the bull as tightly as possible with your thighs. Your leg muscles should be used to help root your lower body to the bull.

Tip #4 – Watch the bull!

Watching the head of the mechanical bull will allow you to be aware of the directional changes its body will follow. Additionally, try to keep your chin down to help center you. Avoid looking at the people around you (no matter how hard they try to distract you!) or you’ll easily lose your balance.

Tip #5 Make the right moves!

When the bull’s head moves down, lean back. This keeps you on the bull and prevents you from falling forward off the ride. When the bull’s head moves upward, lean forward as to not fall off the back of the bull as its body dips closely to the ground behind you.

Tip #6 – Relax your upper body!

It’s important to hold tightly your lower body to the bull’s, but what you do with your upper body is vital as well. Keep your torso and free arm loose – this allows for better balance and ensures that your upper body flows with the motions of the bull.

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