6 Tips For Riding a Mechanical Bull

April 4, 2018

Mechanical bulls are made for everyone, regardless of experience. It’s easy to bring one to a family or work gathering, because anyone can jump on and give it a spin.

However, there’s no doubt that you can gain an advantage and add a few seconds to your time by reading some tips. Riding a mechanical bull might not require skill, but you’ll absolutely improve if you know how to ride it correctly and efficiently.

Read on for 6 tips that will help you stay on the bull, so you can impress everyone you know with your bull riding skills!

mechanical bull child rider

1. Know where to balance yourself.

You should be able to keep yourself in the middle of the saddle at all times. Many have the natural instinct to lean forwards or backwards when riding the bull, because they think it will help them keep a firm grip. However, the key is to keep yourself as steady as possible in order to have your center of gravity do the work for you.

2. Steady your position.

When riding, you’ll want to keep the same position throughout the experience. Scoot forward and place your elbow just between your hip and your thigh. Then, raise your off-hand into the air. Your legs should be bowed inward, and your toes pointed outwards. Remember, you’re not only using your thigh muscles to keep your grip. Your entire lower body should be used to keep balance.

3. Don’t lean forward.

This can’t be said enough; if you lean forward, you will almost undoubtedly fall off the bull. This is because your center of gravity will shift away from the center of the bull, leading to instability. In order to keep yourself steady, make sure you are constantly imagining your body as a straight line.

4. Keep your eyes downward.

If you glance around at your surroundings, you may notice that you will fall off the bull much easier. In order to prevent yourself from becoming distracted, keep your eyes in the well at all times. This will provide you with a more concentrated approach to the bull.

5. Know when to stop.

When riding, you shouldn’t stay on for as long as possible. Rather, you want to make sure your body doesn’t suffer from being too strained. Ideally, you should set your goal for under fifteen seconds. If you ride for any longer, you run the risk of harming your muscles.

6. Leave your ego behind.

Lastly, make sure you’re doing this for yourself and not for others. Yes, you want to impress your friends, but remember that pushing yourself is never a good idea. If you’re feeling bruised, sore, or in any way uncomfortable, don’t force yourself back onto the mount to get a better time.

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