5 Reasons to Rent a Mechanical Bull for Your Sports Bar

July 5, 2021

As we start to move toward normalcy, more people are going out and having fun at restaurants, clubs, and bars. After a year of being stuck at home, people are looking for new ways to have fun. Your patrons may have loved your sports bar in the past, but they’ll love it even more now with the inclusion of a mechanical bull. Here are five reasons why:

1. They Brings Excitement

Visiting a sports bar is fun, but sometimes you want something even more fun. After patrons have sipped their drinks and watched their favorite sports team, they’ll enjoy being able to ride the mechanical bull. Your mechanical bull rental will be your bar’s centerpiece that will bring excitement regardless of which sports team wins and which one loses. 


2. They’re a Safe Addition 

Contrary to popular belief, mechanical bull rentals are safe. When you rent a mechanical bull from Buckin’ Wild, you get a padded mechanical bull, a large air-filled landing pad, and two highly-trained and experienced operators. Your dedicated ride operators will adjust the ride to fit the riding level of each patron, as well as be there to prevent any mishaps. 


3. Generate Larger Crowds

Take your local sports bar to the next level with a mechanical bull rental. When you rent a mechanical bull, it will generate a larger crowd to your bar since people would want the opportunity to ride it. More foot traffic to your sports bar likely means more returning customers and an increase in sales. 


4. Set You Apart from Other Sports Bars

What other sports bar has a mechanical bull? Make yours unique by renting a mechanical bull. When people are deciding which bar they would like to visit for the night, your mechanical bull will be one of the driving factors in people deciding to visit your sports bar. Renting a mechanical bull for as little as once a month will be a great way to distinguish your bar.


5. They’re Easy to Rent

Renting a mechanical bull isn’t hard, especially at Buckin’ Wild. All you have to do is reach out to a mechanical bull company and schedule the dates for when you want the mechanical bull. The process is simple, quick, and easy. After you’ve scheduled your mechanical bull rental, the mechanical bull rental company takes care of everything else. 


Mechanical Bull Rental in Carroll County

No matter if your sports bar is located in Carroll County, Howard County, or Baltimore County, Buckin’ Wild has a mechanical bull rental for you. Set your sports bar up for success. Contact us now to learn more and schedule your mechanical bull rental. 

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