5 Bull Riding Tips From The Pros

August 10, 2016

a not so mechanical bull staring down the camera

We attend so many events in and around Maryland with our mechanical bulls and mechanical buffalo, we are often times approached by riders before and after to ask for tips on how to stay on longer. The bottom line is that the bull will almost always win, but there are some tips and tricks that can help you grab that bull by the horns (metaphorically of course) and stay on longer to impress your friends and family. So whether your next bull riding adventure happens at a fair, carnival, wedding, or party, use these helpful tips to look like a champ and tame our mechanical bull, that is until we decide to throw you off.

Tip #1: Don’t Drink and Ride

If you are attending an event that includes both beer and a mechanical bull, than we bet you’re going to have a great time. We also want to warn you that if you are consuming alcohol, responsibly of course, that your equilibrium and balance will be affected, even after just one drink. So if you plan to be the star of the show and ride the bull over 2 minutes then you had better be the early bird. Ride the bull before you drink, you’ll stay on longer and look better!

Tip #2: Chin Down

Your body naturally follows the direction that your chin goes, keeping your chin down will help the rest of your body stay centered, put your chin to your chest if you are able and it will help to center you.

Tip #3: Watch Your Free Hand

Keep your free hand in front of you and keep your eyes on it when you can, it helps to guide your direction and will give you something centered to focus on while you are in motion.

Tip #4: Ride up Front

Ride as close to the front of the bull as you can, sit just behind you non-free hand, this helps to find your center of gravity and will make it easier to ride smoothly as the bull moves back and forth.

Tip #5: Fall Gracefully

You will fall off the mechanical bull, when you feel it coming let your self go, look graceful and have a great time!

For more information on mechanical bull riding or to request a mechanical bull at your next party or event contact us for a free estimate.

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