4 Ways to Liven Up an Indoor Birthday Party

February 15, 2016


Having a birthday in winter can be a good thing if you like snow and cold weather. But it can also be a challenge when you are forced to hold an indoor event due to the weather. Skiing and tubing parties can be fun, but not everyone is into sports, and doing the same thing every year can get boring. So how do you keep an indoor birthday party interesting? Here are a few ideas from Buckin’ Wild.

Play Games

It may sound obvious, but a good game can be a lot of fun, whether it’s an adult gathering or a kid’s birthday party. This could include board games, eating contests, skill-based competitions, or any mix of passive or active games. Check out these resources to get some indoor game ideas based on the age and number of the participants:

Snap a Picture

Who doesn’t like photos? They are a great way to remember the great time everyone had at the party. Make it even more fun by setting up an indoor photo booth. You don’t have to rent the real thing, you could use your own camera or cellphone, prepare props and frame cutouts and have fun. Depending on the age of the participants, you could get them involved in making costumes for a photo shoot or even make a competition out of it and award a prize for the best photo. Here are some cool photo props you can make at home or purchase from a store if you don’t feel like crafting:

Sneak in Some Outdoor Entertainment

We know, this post is about indoor party ideas, but just because your main party is indoors, doesn’t mean you can’t go outside for a little fun. If there is snow on the ground, you could have a real snowball fight or a snowman building challenge. If there is no snow, you could rent a bounce castle or a mechanical bull for some new kinds of fun. At Buckin’ Wild, our mechanical bull comes with a trained operator who will adjust the speed depending on the age and ability of the participants. This is a fun way to escape the indoors and get some fresh air. And adults can partake as well!

Make Food Fun

Everyone knows not to play with their food, but it’s a birthday and it’s a party, so let’s forget the rules for one day. You can have lots of fun with food at a birthday party. Depending on the age and number of the guests, you could even involve them in making food. Eating something you’ve made yourself always feels more rewarding and delicious! And don’t forget about the presentation. If you have a party theme, whether it’s a cartoon, movie or a comic book, make sure your food choice and presentation fit the theme. Here are a few ideas:

As you can see, there is a million things you can do to turn your indoor party from boring to fun. Just use your imagination and don’t dismiss ideas just because they seem absurd or impossible. With the right approach and dedication, almost anything can be accomplished. And if you settle on a western-themed party or simply want to add a mechanical bull to the list of entertainment, contact us for mechanical bull rental in Maryland.

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