4 Reasons to Bring a Mechanical Bull to a Birthday

October 3, 2020

Let’s face it, birthday parties can get pretty boring.  It’s hard to keep all your guests entertained throughout the event. That is, of course, if your birthday party doesn’t have a mechanical bull. Mechanical bulls have been used to entertain party-goers since the 1930s and it’s no wonder why they’re still used to this day. Check out these four reasons why you should bring a mechanical bull to a birthday.

Fun for All

Whether you’re throwing a birthday party for your 3-year-old son or a birthday party for your 90-year-old grandmother, a mechanical bull is fun for them. This is because every mechanical bull comes with speed settings that can be controlled by an operator. That means that if you want your child to take a ride, they can do so safely and you’ll be able to ride at a higher speed right after. 

Gives a Boost of Excitement

There’s only so much cake guests can eat, crafts kids can make, and songs partygoers can sing. With a mechanical bull, guests will be able to use it throughout the event. The first thing people will start to talk about is the mechanical bull that’s at the party. It’s an exciting talking point and activity. 

A Way to Compete

There’s nothing like some friendly competition to make your birthday party stand out. Guests will enjoy competing against one another and will brag about their ability to stay on the bull for years. Here’s a tip: Practice riding the bull before guests arrive to avoid being outdone at your own party!

Complete Your Party Theme

If you’re planning a western or country-themed birthday party, it wouldn’t be complete without a mechanical bull. What good would the cowboy hats and cowboy boots be if there wasn’t the infamous bull? The best part about getting a mechanical bull is that you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after it! 

We’ll Bring a Mechanical Bull to Your Party

If you’ve decided that it’s time to liven up your birthday party with a mechanical bull, Buckin’ Wild will bring it to you. Our Carroll County mechanical bull rental service includes delivery, set up, take down, and two trained operators. We’ll keep the bull sanitized so all you and your guests have to worry about having a fun time. Give us a call today! 



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