4 Facts About Mechanical Bulls You’ll Want to Know Before Riding

March 3, 2021

Mechanical bull riding is a run activity for the entire family. It’s been used for entertainment for parties, inside bars, carnivals, and other special events. You may have some experience riding mechanical bulls, but there may be some things you don’t know about them. Take a look at the four facts about mechanical bulls.

They’ve Been Around Since the 1930s

The earliest known mechanical bull was premiered at The Bertrand Island Amusement Park in New Jersey sometime in the 1930s. It was called “Ride ‘Em Cowboy”. Sherwood Cryer, co-owner of Gilley’s has been credited with popularizing the device by including a mechanical bull in the movie “Urban Cowboy”. Keep that in mind next time you mount a mechanical bull. 

They’re Created by Welding Steel Together

A mechanical bull may look somewhat soft, but underneath all that padding is steel that has been welded together. All mechanical bulls begin their journey in a welding shop. A frame is created by cutting steel and welding pieces together. Afterward, the main mechanics are attached. The center shaft and main gearbox form the spin motor. Then, a second motor and the pitch and roll arms create the buck. After wiring has been established, the entire bull is covered in padded material. 

There is a Proper Way to Ride it

If you have experience riding a mechanical bull, you know that it’s not as easy as it seems. Proper form can help you remain on the bull longer. It starts by holding on to the bull as close to the head as you can. Grip the sides of the bull tightly with your inner thighs. Once the mechanical bull starts moving, keep your focus on the bull’s head. Doing so will help you maintain balance and help you indicate directional changes. Lastly, adjust your body as the mechanical bull moves. 

They’re Affordable to Rent

Renting a mechanical bull isn’t expensive. It’s the perfect rental for those who want entertainment throughout their event. Most mechanical bull rental companies charge by the hour. But, most companies also offer package deal rates so that it costs less per hour. If you want to rent a mechanical bull for your next event, talk to a mechanical bull rental company about their rates and about any potential specials that they have. 

Looking for a MD Mechanical Bull Rental?

When you’re ready to liven your event with a mechanical bull, Buckin’ Wild has you covered. In addition to sending you a clean and safe mechanical bull, we also send multiple trained personnel to ensure that your guests are safe and the bull is sanitized after every rider. Contact us today to learn more. 

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